Whether you enjoy a quick jog around the neighborhood with your dog, a trail run through in the hills or you are preparing for a marathon, running can take a major toll on the body. Many runners enjoy the exhilaration of running, conquering a trail or a new mile marker. But with the glory can come some potential for pain and runner’s ailments. Enter CBD: a natural alternative to pain killers that can additionally act as a sleep aid, stress reliver and recovery tool.

What Is CBD?


CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of many naturally occurring compounds in hemp and marijuana plants. Sometimes confused with its mind-alerting cousin THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound that could have a range of benefits to users. CBD interacts directly with the human body’s endocannabinoid system, responsible for bodily functions like pain management, appetite, mood and more. For a growing number of runners, CBD can act as a natural alternative to opioid painkillers and a great addition to recovery regimens.

As CBD is slowly separated from the stigmas of recreational marijuana and the “high” that accompanies it, the world of sports and active lifestyle begins to adopt it more and more. CBD is thought to have the ability to help lower stress levels, manage or mitigate pain and inflammation, and aid in sleep, among other benefits. CBD for runners, who could have ailments directly related to hitting the trail, cannabinoid could be a great natural alternative to put to use.

CBD For Runners


Though research is still early surrounding CBD, anecdotal evidence and the limited studies available look promising. CBD can be used in a variety of forms, many having their benefits for runners, whether applied topically or consumed orally.

CBD For Pain


CBD can be useful for runners who are looking to manage their pain and recovery. Running can take a toll on the body, from the impact of the motions itself to the post-workout recovery. CBD contains potent anti-inflammatory properties that can be useful for managing the soreness following a run. A great way to utilize CBD for pain is through a topical, applied directly to the problem area. CBD topicals are perfect for targeting specific ailments or areas and are ideal for those who don’t wish to consume CBD orally. Though studies are limited and still emerging, there is even evidence from a 2016 study that points to CBD as useful treatment for arthritic pain, reducing joint pain and inflammation effectively.

CBD For Stress


Utilizing CBD as a stress management tool can be highly useful for runners. Because CBD is not psychoactive, it can even be consumed prior to a run, getting you in the right mindset to hit the trail. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoids system to block or transmit messages to and from the brain, enabling it to aid in a state of calm and focus. CBD can also be great for the winding down process post-run. Consuming CBD sublingually is one of the fastest acting forms and CBD oils can be ideal for runners before and after a workout.

CBD For Sleep


One of the most important factors to a successful run is the recovery process after, setting you up for the next one. Sleep is one of our greatest recovery tools, but insomnia or bad sleep habits could stump your next run. Consuming CBD has the ability to calm, which can aid in the direction of a good night’s sleep. CBD is thought to interact directly with receptors that contribute to the sleep/wake cycle, making it a great addition to a restless sleepers’ nightly routine.

CBD For Runners: Key Takeaways


CBD for runners is on the rise in popularity, and rightly so. CBD could have beneficial impacts on a runner’s pain management and inflammation reduction, mindset and stress levels, recovery regimen and more. Though studies on CBD are still in the early stages, there is promising evidence to point more runners in the direction of CBD. As a runner, you may have experienced ailments like shin splints or plantar fasciitis and could potentially benefit from CBD.

There are even brands like Tribe CBD who crafted their high-quality CBD products with the active lifestyle in mind, with all products being full-spectrum CBD and completely THC-free. From Cold Therapy CBD Cream to CBD Sleep Shots, Tribe CBD has created products that can up the ante of your active lifestyle and keep all future trails, happy ones. For more information about Tribe CBD, check out their pledge to high-quality CBD here.

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