The idea for the above edit-created by Parallel Sea and John John Florence–ignited in December of 2017 when the aforementioned creative team began making a film about a group of friends who grew up learning to surf Pipeline. “Through different creative rounds, and a couple years on the shelf, it eventually evolved into an idea that followed the imagined point of view of Pipeline, with a perspective narrated by local musician Paula Fuga,” the crew writes of the finished product. “It was a fun challenge to create a visual history of the wave, but this is not meant to be a complete story. There are too many people to name who have become a part of Pipeline’s history over the years; they could never be fit into one short film. Thank you again to everyone who helped us put this together. The project is dedicated to Derek Ho, and those like him who have dedicated their life to surfing Pipeline.”

The result above is a beautiful, cinematic ode to one of the heaviest and awe-inspiring waves on the face of this planet. Hit play to marvel at the North Shore’s finest set-up.

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