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The new trend in our sport this year will clearly be Helium Stand Up Paddling. After we have witnessed Stand Up Paddling experience a massive boom in recent years, we think it will soon develop another explosion of growth with this new discipline: Helium SUP.  Watch the video below to find out how to do it.

Rise Above the Rest with Helium SUP this Season!

The inventors of Helium SUP, from the online blog source explain how they came upon the idea to fill their inflatable paddleboards with helium.

We were looking for a way to practice the sport of stand up paddling even in cooler weather. Winter is over but the water temperatures are still too cold for many people to go out paddling.”

Learn how to safely store your board for winter HERE.

Their idea was to discover a way to use their paddleboard on land as well.

Helium Stand UP paddling sunset paddle
Whether you’re on land or above it, helium has alternative uses for stand up paddling this season. What’s in your stand up paddleboard? Photo by: Standing Paddlers

The solution? It is as simple as it is ingenious. With the dynamic help of helium, the stand up paddle board is made to float. Now, nothing stands in the way of a paddle tour across the fields and meadows. Fortunately, the inventors were up front with a window seat in physics at school, so they were not constrained by the laws of nature.

Unfortunately, the whole thing only works on April 1. The rest of the year, it takes various tools and a lot of computer magic to make the SUP float. In their blog post, the makers give an insight into how they managed to make their inflatable paddleboard fly!

Happy April Fool’s everybody!  🙂

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