“This little ditty is a bunch of excerpts from the first formal Ye Olde Destruction trip some eight years ago or so. Some people have less tattoos and more baby faces. Thou the idea for the #yeoldedestruction film was just forming, this was a really fun trip. Thanks Zarosh for hosting us at your wonderland, Cachagua. We will be forever grateful for that experience. We roved around between Marin and Monterey and counties in between. Very rad cast of shredders on this journey; Evan Smith, Ray Barbee, Aaron Suski, Keegan Sauder, Nick Garcia, Zarosh Eggleston, Javier Mendizabal, Taylor Bingaman and Collin Provost. Jon Miner helped me film this first trip, which is always the best thing you could hope for. Thanks Miner. As far as the tunes go, this is a completely original score for the piece via Randy Randall, script Sergej Vutuc, ummmmmm. Also if you want to watch the full 57 minute version of #yeoldedestruction , click here, and it is there for all to see for free, forever, however long that is.”—Thomas Campbell

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