A quick peek behind the curtain for the making of Pete’s upcoming skateboarding book project release called 93til.

This short documentary includes unseen (film) images/footage of a bygone era of skateboarding spanning from 1986 – 2004.

Featured skaters include: Andrew Reynolds, Ed Selego, Jason Lee, Arto Saari, Bam Margera, Mark Appleyard, Van Wastell, Stevie Williams, Chet Childress, Tony Hawk, Stefan Janoski, Karl Watson, Pepe Martinez, Ed Templeton, Ryan Hickey, Phil Shao, Rob Welsh, Mike Frazier, Satva Leung, Cairo Foster, Ryan Sheckler, Mark Gonzales, Keith Hufnagel, Reese Forbes, Justin Strubing, Ocean Howell, Lance Mountain, Neil Blender, Danny Way, Matt Hensley, Matt Beach, Greg Hunt, Dan Wolfe, Chris Ortiz, Tom Penny, Kelly Bird, Peter Hewitt, Salman Agah, Steve Berra, Matt Milligan, Forest Kirby, Justin Bokma, Bucky Lasek, Pancho Moler, Tim Brauch, Kenny Hughes, Jose Rojo, Jerry Hsu.

Limited edition copies of the book will be available exclusively in skate shops in early September. Contact your local skateshop for more details.

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