Cut Short—Knuckle Draggers Full Movie

A homie video from Aspen OG and veteran shooter Zach Hooper. More info below.

From Zach Hooper:
So I guess I should start with introductions, for those of you that don’t know me my name is Zach and I reside in a small yet bougie ass mountain town in Colorado called Aspen. I know first thoughts of Aspen for most are either of the ultra wealthy skiing with furs n shit, XGames and or the movie Dumb & Dumber. Fun fact, that movie was filmed almost entirely in Breckenridge. Aside from all the glitz and gold, this town is home to some real ass mountain heads that know what this place is holding.

The “Knuckle Draggers” crew is a collective of my close friends that reside here in Aspen. We skate and shred together on the regs. No one is caked up or even spons’d really. We just started documenting if you will, our sessions everywhere we are squaded up. AspenSnowmass gets a lot of traffic so you never know who you might catch us shredding with.
This year was hard for us to all get together for all sorts of crazy reasons as I’m sure most of you can relate too. 2020 is just serving it up. When we are all not working our jobs we try and line it up to film somewhere. Unfortunately this year was like, injuries, dissed by storms coming in, more injuries, lack of cheddar bisque’s and then god damn COVID-19 hit. However, we managed to get some clips together of a few sessions we shared together. Pow from Aspen and Silverton. Park from Snowmass and Buttermilk the day after the mountains went into lockdown.

On a personal note you will see that the opening of the film is dedicated to my dog Kuda who just passed. I rescued her at 8 weeks and she lived a dope life with me worry free in the mountains till 15. She had a great run but unfortunately was battling cancer for the past eight years. The ending closes with Fuck Cancer cuz well, fuck cancer. We just recently with the support of Radio Boardshop, hosted a local mini film fest outside at AspenHighlands where three edits premiered. The night was a benefit to raise money and support for a local girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer. We had a huge raffle with boards, art, trees etc. and people were hyped. If you would like to help Nadine out donations greatly appreciated at www.// It was a well deserved night for our local community to see friends again, give support to another in need and just look forward to winter. Doran Laybourn closed the night out with an ill ass edit that is up on ShredBots if any one wants to peep it.

Shouts to Cody Kosinki nailing his first dub in the cunch as well as being the MVP of the night making it in all three films. Enjoy.

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