Skateboarding is fun and to double your fun, it’s important that you buy the best skateboard. There are several points which need to be taken into consideration while purchasing a skateboard. Buying the best board will ensure safe riding with lots of fun. Let’s have a look at the points to be considered before getting the best cruiser skateboard.

Best Skateboards for Cruising

Board Material

Board material is the foremost thing you need to look at a board. Canadian maples, Bamboo, Baltic Birch plywood are some of the commonly used materials in a board. A board with quality material is durable and less prone to risks. You can easily trust the board with quality material for performing tricks.

Size of the Board

Size of the board also plays a vital role in riding. Different board sizes are designed for different age groups. So, choose full, mid, mini or macro size according to your comfort and choose the one which suits you the most. Apart from the size, do consider the width of the board as narrow boards are better in turning radius while broader boards are better in grip.

Shape of the Board

Shape of the Board CruiserA skateboard is available in different shapes such as radial, progressive, flat-cave and much more. Every shape has its own benefits as some are better at performing tricks while some are better at handling and riding on rough surfaces. So, choose the shape of the board carefully as it will affect your riding skills.


Best Cruiser Skateboard heelsWheels are responsible for speed, stability and many other aspects. So, it’s important to choose perfect wheels. You need to check the core, edges, diameter and the material used in the wheels. Urethane wheels are the best as they do not lose their grip and maintain their shape for a long period which ensures safe ride.


Trucks are the components that are used to attach the wheels to the board. While choosing the trucks make sure, their length is same to the width of the board and also make sure they are made up of high quality material. A low quality truck will easily breakdown while performing tricks which can serious trouble, so do consider the trucks used in a skateboard.

Price Matters the Most:

best cruiser skateboardNo matter whether you are buying a sports equipment, gadget or any other product price matters the most. Online shops offer more discounts as compared to local skate shops, so prefer to purchase your favourite board from online shops.

So, set up your budget and then look for the board in the shops. Online shops do have lightning deals, so do consider it and purchase the board at the best price. One of the best deals can be availed at manic Monday event.

These are the important points which must be considered before buying a skateboard. These points will help you to buy best cruiser skateboard. Moreover, these points will also help you in building up your skateboard of high quality as a board chosen on the basis of the points mentioned above will be better in performance which will boost your riding skills.

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